Oh, the dreaded bio.  I don’t think I’ve met an artist in all my 25 years as a creative that enjoys writing one.  Do you?  Believe me, I don’t really like writing them either, but I’ve come to understand why it’s necessary to develop the skills to write a really great one.

So, why is a bio so important and what is it for?  And more importantly, what does it say about you?

A bio lets a potential client know more about you then what they may find on your home page or tagline.  I can’t tell you how many bio’s I’ve seen on artists websites that are one or two lines of dry facts that are so dull you can’t help but be disappointed.  BUT, that doesn’t mean the artist is dull at all.  In fact, most of the time I want to give that website a little shake because I know the artist is SOOO much more interesting than “I live in Detroit with my dog Spot.”  

It’s an important ‘Essential’ that many artists miss and it’s important in having the ‘Whole Package’ as a freelancer. 

Yes, a bio should be full of wonderful facts about you but it also needs to be infused with YOU!  Your personality, your style, your vibe.  

That’s why I created a new course where I show you exactly how to gather your facts, interesting tidbits, and aspirations, to write an amazing bio , infused with your personality and ‘WHY’, step by step.  

It’s going to be great.  And You’ll see.  It’s not as hard as you think it is.