Just days ago, my hubby and I were on a cruise where I met so many lovely art collectors who happen to share my affinity for the adorable piggy.  Yes, actual pigs.  I LOVE THEM!!!  One of my paintings, which was being auctioned off, had 3 little piglets at the bottom and everyone seemed to love them.  This shouldn’t come as a shock to me but I’d been told by several galleries I used to work with (in Los Angeles) that I should stop painting pigs.  I was so bummed, I left said galleries.  I didn’t think it was a good fit if they couldn’t love the pigs as much as I did.  

But the funny thing is, I actually did stop including pigs in my paintings.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just sort of happened.  I’d end up including other creatures in my work – like birds, or butterflies, and my absolute favorite winged creature – the Dragonfly :).  But I hadn’t abandoned my absolute favorite 4 legged creature in my work.  How sad is that?

I realized, however, that I was still creating pigs – just in other forms of art.  Little sketches here and there, mini pastel paintings just for me, and my favorite…patterns.  So I wanted to share my little Rococo Piggy Pattern because I honest to goodness love it and now that the anti-piggy haze has lifted – I think maybe you will too.  

And…it just happens to be available for purchase as wrapping paper, fabric, and wallpaper!!!!!   The pattern may even end up making an appearance in a painting – because the piggies are definitely coming back.  Check out the links above and be sure to let me know if you purchase any of these piggies for yourself.  I’d love to see how you use them :)