OBVIOUSLY, I love pink. I mean, what’s not to love. It can be soft, subtle, vibrant, bold, and absolutely magical. Not for everyone, I know. But, I think I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m completely comfortable overdoing it with PINK. Because, really, why the heck not. The Pandemic is in full force and there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring so why hold back on the things you really love. Life’s too short to refuse.

Do you have something you love that you keep under wraps? Maybe it’s your little secret – not sharing because you think everyone will finally realize you’re a little weird or even crazy? haha. Been there, done that. Well, it might be time to shout it out to the world. Because if you like it, I can pretty much guarantee that there are others that do too.

So, I’m sharing my love of pink below. It’s come through in a recent series of illustrations that I call my Feather & Petal Collection. You may have seen them on Instagram but here they are together.

This is where it all began…a little pink haired girl and rose colored owls.

It’s turned into a series of fun little illustrations and patterns featuring pink owls, an albino fawn, butterflies, roses, and a Marie Antoinette inspired pink haired heroin.

Birthday card (front and back) from my Feather & Petal collection


I started creating these little quotes I’ve been sharing on Pinterest. They’re just me, talking about accepting what you love or a beautiful quote I find meaningful, and of course, they are mostly pink :).

Are you on Pinterest? Join me! Scan the round PinCode below...I’d love to see what you love to pin. I’m fairly new to Pinterest so I’m excited to explore new boards and see what you all go gaga over & What makes you YOU!!!