I’ve been a free lance artists for over 2 decades.  Within that time I’ve been an illustrator & surface designer and have built and run my own Creative Agency, which will celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary in January! WooHoo! I think we’ll need cake :)

I used to work a 9-5, actually, it was more like a 9 – 3am in the morning, 6 days a week. That job was pretty terrific, had the cool factor, a great paycheck with overtime that was ‘dabomb’ but it really wore me down. Why? Because it didn’t fit my personality or my need to spread my creative wings. I was creating someone else’s vision when I really wanted to cultivate my own.

The free lance life style, on the other hand, is the exact fit for my personality.  I like making the decision in my 2 businesses and knowing that I’ve created something through my passions that I am truly proud of. 

But a free lancers career can be daunting.   It can be hard to know when to do what, especially when you are doing it all on your own.   I’m lucky enough to have my husband as my business partner, and he is brilliant, but I’ve learned that having a timeline and system for things makes things much easier when you have a hundred tasks that have to get done.  

So…I’m sharing something I’ve put together…It’s something that in addition to my mantra (I’m an Aries – Opportunities will present themselves. Choose Wisely), has kept me and our company going over the years and really helped keep me on track when I re-discovered my illustration and surface design career. 

It’s The Artist’s 5 Point Cycle for a Successful Free-Lance Career – Preparing, Creating, Marketing, Presenting, & Resting. Makes sense right? But I’m going into detail with each of these in an 8 page pdf, for FREE on my Goodies page! If you don’t have access, it’s easy to sign up here in the side bar.

AAAAND, it’s not just the 5 Point PDF, it’s an entire collection of goodies including tutorials, wallpapers, and more. Hope to see you there!