I just love creating patterns. There’s something so fun about seeing your images on fabric, wallpapers, or anything else really. When you think about the number of things ate are covered in patterns, it’s pretty amazing :).

Though I learned to create patterns in Illustrator, I had trouble with the loss of texture, color gradation, and all those lovely brush strokes that made my style my own. So, I returned to my old favorite…Photoshop! I’ve been creating in photoshop for the last 25 years and just LOVE IT. I knew I had to learn how to create my patterns in my favorite program. So, I took my time and learned how to do it, little by little. And I was sooooo happy when I figured it out. All my lovely variation in in color and texture translated perfectly!!!

Knowing there are other artists struggling with this concept, I decided to do a free LIVE workshop to teach the process. It’s now available on my Tutorials Page (bloopers included :), which also happens to have other fun free goodies. You can gain access via the form below.

And, if you like the process, I have part 2 as a new Skillshare Class.