Styling your coffee table or end tables is a great opportunity to really say who you are.  Show your personality and interests while being a possible conversation piece. I have 3 tables I’m going to style.  The first is a carved moroccan star table with a glass top that sits between a couch and set of chairs.  The second is my vintage, hand carved coffee table.  I’ve had it for years and I love it.  It’s raw wood, with a glass insert and really has lovely detailing on every inch.  The last is a blue mirrored cabinet on the side of the stairs that’s paired with a hand crafted leather stool with heavy iron legs that look like women’s victorian boots – a gift from my mother.


Step #1: Think Vertical

I like to play with height/levels and odd numbers when styling and decorating.  So the first thing I do is choose a tall object for each table.  A lamp, a favorite vase, sculpture, etc.  I had several vases that were gifted to me or were in the family for many years that fit the color scheme of my room.  Then one of my Bombay company lamps that I’ve always loved because of the unique design.  Along with my verticals, I choose an item or two that I know I want to use in the space – a tray on the coffee table, a special photo in a lovely frame, etc.



Step #2: Base Books

I talk about base books in my Arranging Our New Book Nook post – where I use larger picture books, laying flat, as a sort of base or tray to other objects.  I love doing this for several reasons.  One, I have a ton of large books that won’t fit on my shelves.  Two, it’s a fun way to show your personality in your space.  In the living room, I chose my favorite picture books from my favorite European museums & gardens, Castles of the world, and a few popular artists like Klimpt and Erte.  On the Moroccan table, I have a stack under my lamp.  this adds more height since it’s already a very low table.  An easy to flip through stack goes onto my coffee table and its topped with my Dita Von Teese book whose aqua and pink cover ties into other pink and blue items throughout the room.  (This book may be a little too racy in most living rooms but we’re an artistic family living in Las Vegas).  Lastly, a handmade sketchbook that I bought in Florence, Italy about 20 years ago sits on the blue cabinet under my peacock vase.


Step #3: The Details

The details are my favorite part of any painting, or decorating project.  This is when it all comes together.  Once we have our tall item, base books, and your must have item, it’s time for that little bit of surprise.  Maybe an oddball item, something you wouldn’t necessarily expect.  I like have a lot of things that I’ve collected from my travels, flea markets, etc. that I like to sprinkle around the house.





The Coffee Table and Moroccan table each have a stack of 3 books on Marie Antoinette, Madame Pompadour, and Courtesan’s during the Baroque and Rococo Eras.  The coffee table styling is finished off with one of these stacks topped with an Egyptian turquoise hippo.  A vintage, pink glass candy dish (with my favorite bite sized candy), and a magenta silk bloom.  Notice the odd number of item…hippo, vase, candy dish, and all at varying heights.

The Moroccan table has a mini stack as well, topped with a vintage candle stick. I didn’t use any pillar candles in this candle stick because I didn’t want to compete with the height of the lamp.  Instead, I placed two glass ornaments on each side. A cute embellished picture frame completes the look.  Again, a grouping of 3…books and candle stick, books and lamp, picture frame.  Both tables are styled so that the architecture and detail of table can still be appreciated.

My little blue mirrored cabinet is complete.  I’ve personalized it with two nicely framed family photos and  a very old Rococo stamp that I purchased from a flea market in Paris.  Not sure if it was a fabric or paper stamp but I love it because it’s probably one of a kind, and it’s from an era that I adore!  Lastly, I add a large green Swarovski crystal that seems to attract every child that comes into my home :). It also gives me an odd number of objects atop my book base.  Perfect!!  3 silk flowers in various shades of pink finish off the look.  I know, I know…Why not fresh flowers?  Well, fresh flowers in Vegas are really expensive, unless you want daisy’s from the grocery store.  Daisy’s are lovely but I wanted something a little larger and punchy in color.  And Voila!  our 3 tables are complete.

Do you have a table styling you’d like to share?  I’d love to see it.  Leave a comment below or email me.