Style & Brand Development for Artists


We’ll work together on your most important design project…YOU

An 8 week course on finding/defining your Signature Style and creating a Brand Identity that’s uniquely YOU.  Together, we’ll create everything you need to head out into the world as a professional artists…the whole package.

When I was revamping my creative career, 20 years in, I was struggling to find my signature style in a new industry.  Using different methods and tools, I was finding the translation of my old style into the new.  I started creating work that just didn’t look like ‘ME’ and that really bothered me.  So, I figured out a method of finding my signature style again…and pulling all my work together to create ‘My Brand Suite’. 

I’d like to share my method with you. To save you the stress and frustration by giving you the steps to follow that lead to nailing down your signature style and brand.  So that everything you put out into the world just screams ‘YOU’!!!

What’s included in the course?  

Identifying what you really love and are drawn to.  

This may seem obvious but it’s sometimes difficult to pin pin exactly what you love about something when an image as a whole is so striking to you.  I’ll help you break it down and identify the aspects that really make it special to you.  

Identifying techniques and qualities in your own work that make it unique.

This is a tricky one for some of us.  It’s always easy to see what’s spectacular about someone else’s work but not always our own.  I’ll help you identify your artistic ‘M.O.’ and use it to your best advantage.  

Critiquing and Creating.

You’ll approach new work with a new set of ‘YOU RULES’ that will make each artwork easily identified and ‘UNIQUELY YOU’.  

Creating your Brand Voice

Identifying our Brand Voice is so closely related to our signature style.  We want the two to walk hand in hand while telling your ideal customer what you are all about without having to say a word.  

Creating your Brand Suite

Your brand isn’t just a logo, it’s how you present yourself to the world in every way – website, social media, and print.  This includes bios, artists statements, and posts.  We’ll audit your current platforms and work to solidify your voice so you express the heard of your brand and your passion as an artist.  

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