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Art must be an expression of Love or it is nothing.”

marc chagall

An artists studio is their special place. It’s usually full of lots of wonderful light, a cozy chair, and oodles and oodles of inspiration. This is my space…


A few weeks ago I did a post on Instagram showing my studio as part of #mytreasuredspace. I had a really great response so I decided to share in more detail.

First off, I’m super lucky to have a studio space in my home. It’s kind of like a ‘mother-in laws quarters’ in our home, so it has a double door entry, a little kitchenette with sink (perfect for an artist), microwave and mini fridge, and I have a 3/4 bath all to myself. The shower, unfortunately is currently being used for storage, which I plan to rectify shortly. lol.

Over the last 3 years It’s been a lot of moving things around, adjusting, and DIY-ing to get it to where it is now – my HAPPY PLACE. I spend most of my day here and I love it. Like, really love it. The only thing that could make it better would be a set of french doors that opened out to a secret garden. One can dream 馃檪

So, I’m going to take you on a tour of my studio and list all my favorite tools, materials, and inspirations.

My painting space has definitely been underused the last few months. There are 3 full sized paintings stacked under the one you see there on my easel (which I’ve had for 20 years, my first big purchase out of college). I use Glassine over each pastel to protect it from smudging. So it allows me to pin one on top of the other on my painting panel, or in the drawer.

I’ve just found my next model and she is lovely. Can’t wait to paint her in a wonderfully whimsical style 馃檪

What am I using?
路BEST Santa Fe Easel
路Spectrum Colorfix soft pastel paper
路Glassine Paper
路Sennelier Soft Pastel Sets
路Rembrandt Soft Pastels
路Martha Stewart Flat File in Black
路Alvin Self Healing Board Cover
路5 Rolling Storage Carts in Mint

I created a full wall of table top over the black flat file with plywood and 4×4’s. I’ve covered half in Peel and Stick Wallpaper, and the other half in Self Sealing board cover (which is fantastic for using your Xacto without worry.


If you didn’t already know, I have an affinity for pigs. So there, next to my Magenta chair is Arnold the Pig. He’s a big ceramic piggy bank that’s been with me for about 20 years now. He’s wonderful and lifelike, even though his nose and ear have been nibbled by my (late) chinchillas 馃檪

The White and Blue Cabinet is a DIY of my Grandparents old Vintage Stereo. I sanded, painted and covered the speaker panels in a lovely floral & bird pattern which I lightly hand painted for a little more color.
Treadmill on the left is now elsewhere to make room for my Pinboard project. Which you can see below.


This pinboard was loosely inspired by one that my Mentor has behind her during weekly FBlives. She has patterns and inspirations pinned up and I decided I needed to make one for myself. I think it turned out pretty good and looks way better then the treadmill that was here.

Just beside my pinboard are my drawing tables which I use for drawing, painting on a smaller scale, and private art classes.


路 2 Husky Adjustable Height 6 foot tables.
路 Gold Pattern is created with a Royal Design Studio Stencil and Stencil Paint.
路 I took that same gold paint to create a 1 inch gold boarder around my windows.


My desk is rarely this clutter free, lol. There’s usually a notebook, my iPad, tissue box a snowball mic. But I made it pretty for the pic 馃檪

What you see…
路 Wacom Cintiq
路 Extra monitor so I can have files and email up at the same time.
路 Mac Mini
路 Extra long dining table
路 Table covered in Carrera Marble Peel and Stick Wallpaper
路 HyroFlask
路 Cricut Explore Air 2 in mint.

My Favorite Programs on my computer…
路 Adobe Photoshop
路 Adobe Illustrator
路 Adobe InDesign
路 Pages

And last but not least…My printers
路 HP DesignJet T100
路 Epson stylus Photo 1400 (an oldie but a goodie.

Both printers are able to prints up to 13 x 19 at a comparable quality. Love my Epson and I’ve had it for years. We just purchased the HP a few months ago so I could also create larger scale templates (for mural work) Because The HP also prints on paper rolls up to 24 inches wide.


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    Karen Armstrong Bottorff
    November 14, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    I just love your space! I can see why it is your happy place, it exudes joy and creativity! Thank you for inspiration, I’ve been slowly making a creative space for myself, while it is a work in progress, it already is my favorite place to be. Thank you my fellow Flourish member, for your open heart and for sharing your beautiful work.


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