From a little sickly branch, suffering from the trauma of a move from California to the 117 degree Las Vegas summer, grew a gorgeous Black Rose, otherwise known as aeonium arboreum.  It was so Majestic in its deep burgundy crown ruffling around its lime green center.  And just below it were 3 babies poking their heads out.

I decided I had to paint it and the title would be “Matriarch”.   Treating this piece more as a portrait, then a garden study, I composed her front and center, adding a frame below as if she is rising from within.   One of my favorite parts of her is that blue leaf on the right side…just barely poking out of the shadow from behind the other sunlit leaves.  My instagram and FB followers helped me decide on the background color – that same rich blue.  

Once I finished “Matriarch” I decided to see what else caught my eye and found several new subjects hanging out in my garden.  “Mini Blue” came next as a live painting for instagram.   It’s a cutie and I decided it would look great hanging up on our loft gallery wall (That’ll happen next month, after I paint the wall.)It’s colorful and light and it has a magenta background for goodness sake. – if you know me, you know I LOVE pink! 

That brings me to what’s currently on my easel.  I’ve been bouncing around with different projects so it’s taken me a little longer to finish.  I like the color combination though and those little guys in the bottom left corner are just adorable.  They’re called ‘Pork and Beans’ or Sedum rubrotinctum. 

I have them scattered throughout my planter garden and I really hope they survive the summer heat so I have many more subjects for new paintings to come.  

Have an interesting succulent you’d like to share?  I’d love to see a pic.  I’m always looking for new plants and love anything with red or burgundy, especially.