Published Paintings

Paintings Chosen to be Published by Park West Gallery. Each Print is individually signed by ‘Me’ and beautifully framed by the Park West Team.

If you’re interested in collecting an original or published print, you can contact Park West’s gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or or just click the link below :)


Leda & Her Flock

Goddess of Winged Creatures




Moon Goddess

Angel of the Sahara

Arctic Angel

Blushing in Blooms & Wings

Cupid’s Nest

Silver Wings

The Messenger

The Countess Ova Rose

Moon & Pearl


Venus of the Garden

Moon Mother


Eminent Secret

Woodland Nynph

The Nymphs of Lake Katrine

Mystic Blooms

In Silent Passage

In Flame & Embers

Secrets Of The Sea

Celestial Glow

Hello Friends

A painting of a young woman with long, flowing hair adorned with pink roses and a white butterfly. Her serene expression is framed by soft lighting, highlighting her delicate features and the intricate details of the flowers and butterfly in her hair.

Silver Gaze

A painting depicts a woman with long hair sitting on a crescent moon, eyes closed, and a serene expression. She wears a pale dress and rests her head on one hand. The background is a night sky with stars and a cloud beneath the moon.

Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams Find You

A portrait of a woman with voluminous, flowing silver hair against a dark background. She has pale skin, a stern expression, and wears a red rose at her neckline. Her elegant attire and elaborate hairstyle evoke an 18th-century aristocratic style.

Whispers Of The Past

Illustration of a woman with long silver hair in profile in front of a large, glowing full moon. Butterflies flutter around her, and vibrant roses bloom at the bottom. The dark background accentuates her illuminated face and flowing hair.

Moonlit Secrets

A colorful painting depicts a serene woman with long, flowing red hair adorned with a yellow crescent moon on her forehead. Surrounding her are vibrant pink peonies and three hummingbirds, adding a lively, enchanting atmosphere to the scene.

Golden Wings