It’s funny how things turn out.  Traveling has always been one of my loves – the desire to see new places and experience the world has always been strong with me.  It started in grade school when we were able to choose a state or country to do a project on.  I would always choose, what I believed to be, the most magical place to write about.  I guess it’s no surprise that I married someone from a far away land…He’s from The Netherlands if you didn’t know that already :).

So, here I am years later, a Park West Artist (pinch me!!!!),  being booked on a cruise to the Caribbean where they will be selling my paintings.  Paintings that I was able to paint without anyone directing or micromanaging me.  Seriously…pinch me.   It’s actually been several years since we’ve traveled at all…mostly because of covid, but also because we have a son in middle school.  That darn school schedule definitely hampers your dream vaca.   So this cruise was the first vacation Remmie and I took on our own in a long while. And it was fabulous!!!  Lots of relaxing, wandering, exploring, and of course, eating :p. Cuz what’s a cruise without some delicious food.

But the best part of the trip was meeting a whole group of fabulous people who share at least one thing in common…They love to collect art!  And, I have a sneaking suspicion, they also love to travel ;).