It’s been another long while since I took the time to create a studio journal entry.  Mostly because I spend most of my days at my easel painting away in my lovely oils or soft pastels.  It’s a lot like musical chairs with how often the easel’s occupant changes. And I like it like that…a lot.  Keeps things moving and very interesting :)

At the moment I have 14 in progress fine art paintings sitting around the the studio and 13 that I just shipped yesterday.  Most of the paintings are of my usual subjects but 8 of the 27 include adorably chubby piglets that I’m super excited about.  I’ve been working on these little guys the last 2 months or so between cruises and they are so much fun.  I’ve also had a great response when I post them on social.  ‘YAY!’  See I knew there were more pig lovers out there :)

Part of that great response has been a request for Pig merchandise!!!! Double YAY! because I love creating new products!!! One of my favorites is wrapping paper- because who doesn’t love creating a lovely gift for that special someone? The perfect wrapping paper is the icing on the cake. So, Yes! I’ve got these adorable wrapping papers featuring my ‘Rococo Pigs’ Pattern in 4 different color ways. You can read more about them here.

And, by special request, there just happen to be 3 little pigs that are hoping to be the new highlight of your morning routine…

These 3 little pigs are ready to cozy up with you every morning.