love soft pastels and I hope you will love them too.  For your class project, I’d love you to create your own soft pastel succulent.  You may use my reference which I’ve included for you to download, or take your own photo reference.  Post it in the class project section so I can help you along the way and comment on your work.  

Supplies I used…

Mechanical Pencil
Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper
Rembrandt Soft Pastels
Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels
Carbothello Chalk Pencils
Lascaux Pastel Fixative

A few things to remember…

A light touch
Leave enough room around the edge of your paper for framing
Don’t be afraid of those saturated colors
Remember you are building up to the light…The pyramid method.

I can’t wait to see what you create!!