Roses and violets from summer gardens, sun-drenched Sicilian lemons squeezed of their juice and mingled with juniper from the frozen north. Saffron threads and gold leaf from the Indies waited to be turned into something magical. And contained deep within all of this was a smile that flooded him with warmth, a pair of blue eyes, and the scent of chocolate… 

― Laura Madeleine, The Confectioner’s Tale

I am a sucker for lemon anything, especially lemon curd. YUM! Since this weekend is Memorial Weekend and my hubby and I are pretty much celebrating by ourselves (our son is with his grandparents) I decided to make my Lip Smacking Lemon Tarts. Now, while I’m great at lemon curd, I’m not so great with pastry…yet :). So these are store bought graham cracker tart shells which work really well with the lemon. You can use most any tart shell, or make them from scratch. But it’s really that sharp lemon that shines.

Since I was so excited by the idea of the lemon tarts, I took a few minutes to photograph the lemons before halving them, and created a few fun Lemony prints. If I ever redecorate my house, I’m definitely going to do a room in black, white, and yellow. It’s such an amazing combination. You can’t get more cheerful then yellow.

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I used the motifs I created for the patterns to also create a sheet of downloadable recipe cards – which includes my Lipsmacking Lemon Curd recipe of course…Just click the link below and print out as many copies as you’d like. If you make the curd, you’ll have to let me know what you think. And If you have an easy pastry crust recipe, I’d love to try it out. :)

Download Printable Recipe Cards with Lipsmacking Lemon Curd Recipe

If you like these lemon loving patters, they are now available on a variety of items in my shop. Just scroll down to find the category you’re looking for, Home, Apparel, Stationary, etc.