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Hi there,

I hope you are all having a great October. We are so happy to have beautiful and almost cold weather here in Vegas. I actually wore boots and an “almost” sweater yesterday :). Yay!

So, I did something exciting this month…I created my second class on SkillShare!!! Now this may not seem that exciting, but It’s been one of my goals to create 2 classes before 2021. And I’ve done it!!! #BigWin

My first class, Painting a Succulent in Soft Pastel, was my first attempt at filming a class and Remmie and I ended up doing the entire thing 3 times. Lol. So, needless to say, I was a little nervous about the whole process after that. I did get 3 new paintings out of it, which I was able to sell pretty quickly thanks to a the very trendy love of succulents :). And…I did learn a ton. Both Remmie and I learned a lot about filming a class, the lighting, time-lapse. I’m lucky to have his help on the technical side. So I felt ready to attempt class #2.

My new class. Create a Repeat Pattern in Photoshop from Hand Painted Motifs is a spin-off of the member lead workshop I did in Bonnie Christine’s Flourish. It was so much fun and I had a great response so I thought it would be good to create a full course. So here it is…


Yep, those are my succulents, painted in soft pastel with all their gradations and pastel strokes still present!!! I tried to bring then into Illustrator to image trace/vectorize, but it just doesn’t allow you to retain all the detail you’ve painted, so Photoshop is a great alternative.

If you’re interested in the class and are not a member of Skillshare, I’m still offering a free opportunities to watch it for free. Follow this link and you can watch without a membership.

I’m already thinking of my next class! But I wanted to share the equipment we used for the last.

·Fuji Film X – T200
·Blue SnowBall Mic
·Wacom Cintiq

Oh, Before I go…Have a great Halloween!! Stay safe.

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