Undulating Currents & Flaming Tendrils

My Blue Period…

Undulating Currents & Flaming Tendrils is a collection of paintings showcasing characters immersed in a world of blue and teal waves, creating a dreamy and imaginative atmosphere.  The vibrant blues and teals of the water are contrasted with the warm skin tones of her subjects, adding to the whimsical feel to my paintings.

Each of these paintings is a journey into a world of imagination and wonder, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a sea of tranquility and calm. My work celebrates the beauty and power of the water. This series is characterized by it’s vibrant cool colors, intricate details, and delicate brushwork, all of which come together to create a truly magical and whimsical world. Through these paintings, I invite you to take a break from reality and escape into a world of beauty and wonder.

A portrait of a young woman with her hair in a bun, wearing a red dress, holding a large pink peony. She gazes thoughtfully to the side against a whimsical blue-green background

Baltic Bloom – SOLD

A young boy with a whimsical expression, holding a plush white towel with a red embroidered design, seemingly emerging from water against a soft gray background.

Of Gilded Tides – Private Collection

A painting of a smiling man with red hair and a black jacket, surrounded by dragonflies and white daisies against a textured blue background.

Ed Not Ed – SOLD

A surreal painting of a red-haired woman lying on a dark green background, looking upwards with a small dragonfly hovering above her shoulder. Her expression is serene, and her eyes are focused on the dragon

Petronella – SOLD

A painting of a woman with red hair lying horizontally, gazing upwards. She is surrounded by pink lotus flowers and reeds, with a butterfly on one of the flowers. The background is dark

Ophelia – SOLD

A whimsical painting of a sleeping young boy with light hair, resting on a dark blue textured surface resembling water, with a dragonfly perched on his shoulder.

Cerrulean Slumbers – Private Collection

A whimsical pastel painting of a yellow and black dragonfly perched on a blooming pink lotus with another lotus bud and green stems against a dark purple cloudy background.

Flutterfly – SOLD

A whimsical drawing of a pink flamingo resting in water, with its head gracefully curved into its body. Beside it, a blooming pink lotus and a bud enhance the serene ambiance.

Pink Love – SOLD

A vibrant pastel painting of a dragonfly perched on a pink lotus flower, with a bud and leaf nearby, against a textured blue-green background.

Water Lily – SOLD

A vibrant painting depicting a pink flamingo standing in water, accompanied by a fluffy duckling on a lily pad, with tall dark red lotus flowers and a mystical purple sky in the background,

Dusk In Aubergine

A surrealist painting of a woman with flowing red hair resembling ocean waves, gazing at a dragonfly above her hand against a deep blue ocean-inspired background.

Awakened – SOLD

Freshwater Fairy – SOLD