Undulating Currents & Flaming Tendrils

My Blue Period…

Undulating Currents & Flaming Tendrils is a collection of paintings showcasing characters immersed in a world of blue and teal waves, creating a dreamy and imaginative atmosphere.  The vibrant blues and teals of the water are contrasted with the warm skin tones of her subjects, adding to the whimsical feel to my paintings.

Each of these paintings is a journey into a world of imagination and wonder, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a sea of tranquility and calm. My work celebrates the beauty and power of the water. This series is characterized by it’s vibrant cool colors, intricate details, and delicate brushwork, all of which come together to create a truly magical and whimsical world. Through these paintings, I invite you to take a break from reality and escape into a world of beauty and wonder.

Baltic Bloom – SOLD

Of Gilded Tides – Private Collection

Ed Not Ed – SOLD

Petronella – SOLD

Ophelia – SOLD

Cerrulean Slumbers – Private Collection

Flutterfly – SOLD

Pink Love – SOLD

Water Lily – SOLD

Dusk In Aubergine

Awakened – SOLD

Freshwater Fairy – SOLD