Still Lives

My still life paintings capture the beauty and nostalgia of sentimental objects and memories.  It all started with my grandparents’ heirlooms, but I have since expanded my subject matter to include my own personal items, especially items from my garden – a great influence from my maternal grandmother who loved to garden.

With each brushstroke, I hope to evoke feelings of nostalgia and intimacy in my audience. Reminiscent of their own memories and the special objects and places that hold a special place in their hearts. My paintings are characterized by their warm colors, intricate details, and delicate brushwork, all of which come together to create a feeling of home and comfort. Whether it’s an old family heirloom or a simple flower from her garden, my still life paintings invite you to connect with the past and embrace the beauty and intimacy of everyday objects and the feelings of home that they evoke.


Moulin Rouge

8:21 – Private Collection

China Doll – Private Collection

Chronicles of Spring – SOLD

Kewpie Garden – SOLD

The Rivalry

The Matriarch – SOLD

Meeting in the Ladies Room – SOLD

Oops – SOLD

Open Seas – SOLD

Soiled Doves – SOLD

Thai Tea – SOLD