My “Siren’s” collection is a true passion project, born from my deep admiration for the mesmerizing allure and otherworldly beauty of the sea. Every piece is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, aimed at bringing to life the enchanting call of sirens as well as the beautiful creatures that share the depths.

Yet, as you delve into the collection, you might uncover a subtle undertone of melancholy. These creatures, so captivating and haunting, carry a touch of sorrow. There’s a suggestion of a future where they could be forgotten, lost in the relentless cycle of time and facing the threat of extinction. Their memory, then, remains only in the soft strains of lullabies and the whimsical worlds of children’s paper playtime.

A Drift In Blush

Celestial Glow


Memoirs Of The Forgotten

Paper & Pearls

Paper Horses

Paper Moon

Paper Sails

Pig & Pearl – SOLD

Sea Lullaby

Secrets Of The Sea

Sirens Slumber


Wishful Wanderings