My collection of lush paintings, titled “Orangerie,” explores the beauty and whimsy of gardens and the idea of nurturing growth. From humble backyard city gardens to the magnificent landscapes of Versailles, these paintings capture the essence of these peaceful and fertile spaces.

In this collection, I explores the delicate balance between structure and chaos that exists in gardens, capturing the beauty of each individual blossom, leaf, stem and all the creatures that reside within. The bright and vivid colors of the flowers and plants are contrasted with the calming greens of the flora, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.  Through my paintings, I invite my audience to take a step into a world of beauty and growth, reminded of the simple joys of nature and the magic that can be found in the humblest of gardens.

“Orangerie” celebrates the beauty and whimsy of gardens, inviting viewers to embrace their own connection to nature and to nurture their own growth and well-being.


Goddess of Winged Creatures – SOLD

3 Oracles – SOLD

Guardians of the Veil

Passage Of The Poppies – SOLD

Leda and Her Flock – SOLD

Venus of the Garden

Pythia – SOLD

Nicoletta – SOLD



Phaedra Under The Parasol

Camelot – SOLD

Genevieve – SOLD

Garden Of The Goddess


Blushing Hollow

Aura Goddess Of Breeze

Queen of Hearts – SOLD


Butterfly Pavillion