My collection of lush paintings, titled “Orangerie,” explores the beauty and whimsy of gardens and the idea of nurturing growth. From humble backyard city gardens to the magnificent landscapes of Versailles, these paintings capture the essence of these peaceful and fertile spaces.

In this collection, I explores the delicate balance between structure and chaos that exists in gardens, capturing the beauty of each individual blossom, leaf, stem and all the creatures that reside within. The bright and vivid colors of the flowers and plants are contrasted with the calming greens of the flora, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.  Through my paintings, I invite my audience to take a step into a world of beauty and growth, reminded of the simple joys of nature and the magic that can be found in the humblest of gardens.

“Orangerie” celebrates the beauty and whimsy of gardens, inviting viewers to embrace their own connection to nature and to nurture their own growth and well-being.

A vertical surrealist painting of a woman standing between two classical columns, intertwined with blooming pink and white roses, against a backdrop of lush greenery and blue sky.

Ombre – SOLD

A whimsical painting of a woman in a flowing white dress seated next to a stone bench, surrounded by pink roses, with flamingos and small birds around her, under a crescent moon.

Goddess of Winged Creatures – SOLD

A surrealist painting of two ethereal fairy-like women surrounded by pink birds in a forest setting. One is seated holding a bouquet, the other is standing with translucent wings, both with serene expressions.

Guardians of the Veil

A painting of a woman with a serene expression and an updo hairstyle featuring large hair rolls holds a vibrant pink flower, gazing at a small pink bird perched on it. Another bird rests on

3 Oracles – SOLD

A surreal painting of a woman in a wooden boat surrounded by large pink poppies on water, holding an oar with a pink tassel, under a moonlit sky.

Passage Of The Poppies – SOLD

A painting by Melanie Stimmell of a woman with red hair and wings amidst a lush, misty garden, stretching under a tree with oranges and butterflies around her.

Leda and Her Flock – SOLD

A whimsical painting of a young woman sitting on a pink cushion in a park at night, holding a bouquet of pink roses, with a glowing orb of birds and flowers in the background.

Venus of the Garden

A side profile of a woman with whimsical red and black striped hair tied in a low ponytail, looking upwards. A butterfly lands on her nose. She wears a pale blue dress with golden accents

Pythia – SOLD

A painting of a woman in a yellow dress, sitting behind a green metal trellis. Her elaborate, whimsical hairstyle includes flowers and butterflies, and a red bird flies near her. The background

Nicoletta – SOLD

A painting illustrates a woman with flowing red hair and wearing a pink dress, swinging on a rope in a whimsical forest, with an owl flying above and a moonlit sky in the background.


A surreal painting of a woman sitting gracefully on a lion-carved throne under a large pink umbrella, surrounded by floating pink fish and roses, evoking a serene and whimsical atmosphere, exhibited at Park

Phaedra Under The Parasol

A painting from Park West of a woman with flowing white hair and a dress, reaching out to a butterfly, surrounded by large pink flowers and petals, depicting a serene and whimsical scene.

Camelot – SOLD

A woman with pink hair dressed in a red and black gown stands inside a birdcage, surrounded by butterflies and birds, with a serene expression on her face. This whimsical scene captures the viewer

Genevieve – SOLD

Two fairies with delicate wings in a mystical garden, one sitting by the water, interacting playfully with a pink bird, surrounded by flora and a surreal classical statue.

Garden Of The Goddess

An artistic illustration of a woman with flowers and a whimsical pink bird in her flowing hair, which transitions into a wooden texture at her neck, adorned with a blue gem pendant.

Blushing Hollow

A woman in a beige dress sits on the edge of a leafy garden, playfully pulling strings attached to a cluster of colorful balloons, near a statue of an angel. This whimsical scene resembles

Aura Goddess Of Breeze

Queen of Hearts – SOLD

Butterfly Pavillion