Beauties & Beasts

‘Beauties & Beasts’ is one of My favorite collections.  It features a series of portraits of lovely goddesses and the amazing creatures of the natural world. The concept of the collection is to showcase the harmonious relationship between the beauty of femininity and the grace of the creatures that inhabit our world.

Each painting in this collection is a unique blend of whimsy and realism, capturing the essence of both the goddess and the beast in intricate detail.  The beasts in my paintings are depicted as gentle and delicate creatures, living in harmony with the bloom-covered feminines.  The result is a series of portraits that are not only beautiful to look at, but also convey a message of unity and balance.

I hope to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the mysterious and ever evolving beauty that surrounds us, and the importance of living in harmony with nature.

Painting of a woman with surreal, wavy hair adorned with a floral and celestial headpiece featuring stars, golden orbs, and white blossoms against a starry background.

With Stars & Snow

Oil painting of a woman with vibrant red hair styled upwards with pink flowers and dragonflies around her head. She has a serene expression against a surrealism-inspired blue background.

Empress of Wings – SOLD

A whimsical portrait of a woman with vibrant pink hair and a crown of oversized pink poppies, with yellow butterflies perched on and fluttering around her, set against a soft green background.

Blushing in Blooms – SOLD

Painting of a girl with red hair adorned with small fireflies and branches that hold a nesting hedgehog and a bird, set against a green background.

Woodland Whispers

A whimsical portrait of a woman in profile with flowing hair, adorned with large pink peonies and green leaves against a dark background.

Silver Wings – SOLD

Portrait of a woman with dark hair adorned with pink hibiscus flowers and butterflies, featuring a crescent moon and stars on her forehead, embodying the essence of Surrealism.

Selene & Celestials – SOLD

A whimsical portrait of a woman with flowing blonde hair and serene expression, accompanied by a small pig and pink flowers against a rosy background.

Pastel Piglet

A whimsical painting depicting a woman with her dark hair styled into candle shapes, lit and dripping wax, with purple butterflies around her head, against a black background.


A whimsical portrait of a woman with flowing white hair, a small pink moon, and butterflies in her hair, set against a dark background with white mushrooms in the foreground.

Ivory Of The Forest – SOLD

A whimsical painting of a woman with pink hair, surrounded by deep pink flowers and a small yellow owl, with a crescent moon in the background.

Golden hour – SOLD

A young woman with flowing red hair gazes upward, adorned by a crown of antlers with a sleeping fox and an owl perched atop, set against a surreal starry night background.

Faerie Of Winter – SOLD

A whimsical portrait of a girl with a rabbit sitting on her head surrounded by pink flowers and green leaves, all set against a dark background. She has a subtle smile and is wearing a light-colored

Faerie Of Autumn

Portrait of a serene woman with flowing silver hair adorned with vibrant pink flowers and a dragonfly, set against a starlit night sky. Her gaze is thoughtful and slightly downward. This surreal painting, found

Dreamers & Me

A whimsical illustration of a woman with vibrant, curly red hair adorned with orange and pink flowers, accompanied by small birds perched in her hair against a dark background.

Nightengales – SOLD

Visions in Aqua – SOLD

Angel of the Sahara – SOLD

Arctic Angel – SOLD

Companions in Copper – SOLD

Copper & Gold

Flora & Fauna – SOLD

Nymphs of Lake Katrine

Sweet Celadon

Kindred Spirits – SOLD

Woodland Nymph – SOLD

In Flame & Embers

In Silent Passage

Little Lamb