Beauties & Beasts

‘Beauties & Beasts’ is one of My favorite collections.  It features a series of portraits of lovely goddesses and the amazing creatures of the natural world. The concept of the collection is to showcase the harmonious relationship between the beauty of femininity and the grace of the creatures that inhabit our world.

Each painting in this collection is a unique blend of whimsy and realism, capturing the essence of both the goddess and the beast in intricate detail.  The beasts in my paintings are depicted as gentle and delicate creatures, living in harmony with the bloom-covered feminines.  The result is a series of portraits that are not only beautiful to look at, but also convey a message of unity and balance.

I hope to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the mysterious and ever evolving beauty that surrounds us, and the importance of living in harmony with nature.

With Stars & Snow

Empress of Wings – SOLD

Blushing in Blooms – SOLD

Woodland Whispers

Silver Wings – SOLD

Selene & Celestials – SOLD

Pastel Piglet


Ivory Of The Forest – SOLD

Golden hour – SOLD

Faerie Of Winter

Faerie Of Autumn

Dreamers & Me

Nightengales – SOLD

Visions in Aqua – SOLD

Angel of the Sahara – SOLD

Arctic Angel – SOLD

Companions in Copper – SOLD

Copper & Gold

Flora & Fauna – SOLD

Nymphs of Lake Katrine

Sweet Celadon

Kindred Spirits – SOLD