For me, this is where it all begins.  I’ve always had a love of painting and creating beautiful, if not quirky imagery.  Sometimes an image will pop into my head and I know I have to bring it to life, or I’ll see someone that I instantly want to paint.  A whimsical painting in a timeless space cultivates a new world of imagery that translates to my patterns, illustrations and products.

Moon Goddesses

An oil painting in a golden ornate frame depicting a woman with an imaginative celestial hairstyle, featuring swirling loops resembling planets and a crescent moon, set against a whimsical starry backdrop.

Vessels of the Avant Garde

Surreal painting of two conjoined figures with elaborate hairstyles in a small boat on a pink sea, framed in an ornate golden frame, under a moonlit sky.

Undulating Currents & Flaming Tendrils

Undulating Currents & Flaming Tendrils

Still Lives

A whimsical still life painting in a decorative gold frame, featuring an arrangement of white and pink flowers, a green teapot, a brain-shaped sculpture, and a yellow feather.


A whimsical painting in an ornate golden frame depicting a woman seated on a throne-like chair, holding a large pink umbrella, surrounded by floating pink fish and roses.

Beauties & Beasts

A whimsical painting of a woman with wistful expression, framed in gold, featuring pink flowers and a small pig resting on her shoulder, against a pink background.

Icons in Whimsy & Wonder

An ornate oil painting of a woman with an elaborate baroque hairstyle, decorated with a jeweled bow, framed in an intricate golden frame, showcasing surrealism elements.



“Your work is amazing, just received from Park West. 2 of the 3 I purchased! They are even more amazing in person. Thank you so much!”

Donna Hansen

“I got my picture this morning -absolutely beautiful, love everything about it!”

Traci Scibilia-Ceras

“Cannot wait to hang this on my wall. It is a beautiful masterpiece! Thanks for painting it!”

Scott Page


2024 EmpowHER / Park West Gallery Soho, NY
Park West Gallery Waikiki, Hawaii
2021 Park West Gallery Las Vegas, NV
2020 The Devil’s in the Details/ City of the World Gallery / Las Vegas, NV
2016 International Artwork  / Bogota, Colombia
2012 International Street Painting Exhibition / Ramat H’asharon, Israel
2011 Naughty Baby / The Happening Gallery / Marina Del Rey, CA
2011 Los Angeles / The Building Green Show / Los Angeles, CA
2010 Rebecca Molayam Gallery / Los Angleles, CA
2009 PAWS/LA Silent Auction / Deborah Martin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Downtown Art Walk / Spring Arts Collective / Los Angeles, CA
2008 One Night Only / Brewery Art Complex / Los Angeles, CA
2007 Group Show / AC Lounge / Santa Monica, CA
2007 Multiple Personalities / Melrose Lightspace / Hollywood, CA 
2007 Boas, Dusters, and Other Household Seductions / West Gallery / Ca State Fullerton
2006 Variant / The 57 Underground / Pomona, CA
2006 Figure3 / Irvine Valley College
2004 Gallery di Madonnari / Madonnari Festival / San Rafael, CA
2004 Image/Identity (A Collaborative Show of Visual Artists and Writers) / Cal State Fullerton
2003 West Gallery Group Show / Curated by Tyler Stallings / Cal State Fullerton 
2002 South Park/Comedy Central Fine Art Exhibition / Quixote Studios, West Hollywood, CA
2000 / 2001 / 2002 Bella Via Art Exhibit / Valencia, CA


2021 Top 10 Finalist ‘Made in Las Vegas’  Competition, Park West Gallery, Caesar’s Palace.
2018 1st Place, 411 Chalk Art Competition, Las Vegas, Nevada
2010 Gold Medal, Incontro Nazionale Madonnari, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy
2010 1st Place, Dutch Open Championship, Valkenburg, Holland
2010 3rd Place, Peoples Choice Award, Valkenburg, Holland
2008 3rd Place, Dutch Open Championship, Valkenburg, Holland
2008 Peoples Choice Award, Les Craies d’Azur, Nice, France
2006 Bronze Medal, Madonnari Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy
2004 1st Place, Strassenmaler Competition, Geldern, Germany
2003 1st Place, Strassenmaler Competition, Geldern, Germany
2003 Gold Medal, Madonnari Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy
2002 Gold Medal, Madonnari Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy