It’s always so exciting to see your artwork come to life.  There’s something wonderful about being an artist and creating the incredible.  But it is also incredibly exciting to see a newly founded business take shape and present itself to the world.  Especially when it’s an artist taking the reigns on their creative career.  Isn’t it just magic?!?!

I’d like to talk about your ‘Brand Suite’ and what I call ‘The Whole Package’.  Both of these titles hold a collection of essentials that, if done correctly, will take you from novice, to professional in a snap.

When my husband and I first started our company We Talk Chalk, Inc. in 2012, (yes, my other business) we were completely starting from scratch with our company name, logo, the entire concept was new.  But we had a great idea and ran with it.  We created our Brand Suite and had The Whole Package up and running within a few months.  We also had our first two incredible clients shortly after.  They came to us because we had a professional identity that many artists in our industry were lacking at the time.  It set us apart and made us legitimate and as a result, trustworthy.  

The truth is, it wasn’t difficult to get everything in order and present our brand and services in a professional way.  It just took a lot of thought, design and time to make sure what we were presenting ourselves as would attract the clients we wanted to serve.  Presentation, as I say a lot, is still everything.  It can truly make or break you. Part of attracting the corporate clients we wanted was in presenting ourselves as a polished and professional business that had it all together to ensure their money was well spent. And it worked. 10 years later this January and we’re still going strong.  

So what type of client do you want to attract?   If you still aren’t sure, or you are and not sure how to present yourself in the best way, my new course is going to take the mystery out and bring the clarity in.

I’ve created a new course called “INVENTING YOU: Style and Brand Developement for Artists”.

It’s literally for every artist that is ready to define who they are as an artist and a business. I’m walking you through every step so you don’t have to worry about confusion and uncertainty. I’ll be there to answer your questions and help you along.

Sign up to join the wait list and be a part of an intimate community of artists going through the exact same steps you are at the same time. Hope to see you there…