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How many times have you been told, just keep making work and your style will come through? I found this so frustrating and here’s why…I’ve been creating work all my life. I’m a working artist and have been for 25 years. But as I was starting to create in a slightly different industry and felt lost. No one would help me and I found the confusion and loss of complete control so utterly frustrating. I just couldn’t believe that no one could offer me any guidance besides, ‘just keep making art’.

Here’s the problem I have with that…Yes, you can just keep creating art but I really love the idea of taking an active role in chasing after what you want vs. just letting something just happen. Get where I’m going with this? I’m working to change that because I just can’t stand the idea of another artist flailing around like I did when trying to develop my signature style. It’s unnecessarily cruel. Lol. So stay tuned for something just for you.

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