Planner 2023

Start 2023 off with an amazing start by setting your intentions and biggest dreams. Download

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Happy In Business

Running your own creative business?  What makes you happy about what you do?  Let’s find out in this ‘Happy In Business’ worksheet. Download Worksheet

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Pricing Webinar

As artists, one of the most difficult things we have to do is price our work, or work with a client to negotiate the fee that we want. It’s tricky and it can be frustrating, but you can 100% set yourself up for success and I’m going to show you how. Click to watch

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Planner Pages

Happy December Friends.  I have 4 New Pages for your Planner this month!!!  Appointments, I’m Amazing Because, ABC Problem Solving, and Daily Reflection

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November Calendar Wallpapers

My November Calendar Wallpapers are perfect for the cooler, cozy weather. I’m completely wrapped up in this lush trailing vine floral that reminds me so much of the pretty Autumn Holidays. Download for your desktop, phone, or tablet. Desktop 1920x1080 2560x1600 5120x2880 Tablet iPad mini iPad Pro

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Inspiration Board Planner Pages

My Dusty Blue Florals adorn these lovely planner pages for creatives.  This set is a great addition to ‘My Big Dream’ pages (see Oct 26th resource) and is specifically designed for you to get those creative ideas down on paper.  Plan your next collection, series, or perfect project and Fill out your Creative Bucket

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My Big Dream is…

Have that Big Dream that’s been sitting on the back burner?  2022 is the year to set your plans into motion. I like to start by laying out my big plans, then breaking them down into smaller goals.  So I’ve created these planner pages (the first of many) so you can do the same!

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My Familiar

This months coloring page and color palette is inspired by my signature pink owl painting titled, ‘My Familiar’. Color with pencils, markers, or bring it into procreate to paint. Download here

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How to Create a Pounce Pattern

This traditional art technique will help you transfer a simple to very intricate design onto most any surface. Perfect for creating murals, faux finishing, and hand painted signs.

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Destinations Color Palettes

It’s Summer which would normally mean a fantastic vacation to a fabulous city full of culture and delicious art, food, and nightlife. But alas, I think most of us will have to stay closer to home. So I’ve created 6 fabulous new “DESTINATION” color palettes inspired by my favorite European cities. Hope you enjoy them.

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