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What does your bio say about you?

Oh, the dreaded bio.  I don't think I've met an artist in all my 25 years as a creative that enjoys writing one.  Do you?  Believe me, I don't really like writing them either, but I've come to understand why it's necessary to develop the skills to write a really great one. So, why

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Inventing You

8 week Style and Brand Development Course for Artists When I was revamping my creative career, 24 years in, I was struggling to find my signature style in a new industry.  Using different methods and tools, I was finding the translation of my old style into the new.  I started creating work that just

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My Shoes Came with a Crown ! Let’s Talk Favorite Brands.

It's true. My shoes came with a crown. You're thinking, 'What the heck?" Right? Well one of my favorite brands is a shoe company called TIEKS. Have you heard of them? Tieks makes these lovely little ballet flats in a flurry of colors and finishes. They create special edition colors that they launch with

My Shoes Came with a Crown ! Let’s Talk Favorite Brands.2021-09-04T22:00:37+00:00

My Familiar

This months coloring page and color palette is inspired by my signature pink owl painting titled, ‘My Familiar’. Color with pencils, markers, or bring it into procreate to paint. Download here

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If you could trade places with any artist, who would it be?

WOW!!!!  I don’t know why this popped into my head but I have so many ideas right now. You?? Let’s keep it to living artists and say you could trade places for a day.  Think about how much you’d learn and what you’d be able to apply to your career.  Just the value in

If you could trade places with any artist, who would it be?2021-09-04T22:02:57+00:00

A 600 Year Old Art Technique for Everyone

This month I’m mixing it up a bit.  My June Tutorial is on a stellar technique that’s been around since the 1400’s, probably earlier.  In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci used this technique on his Sistine Chapel ceiling so it’s totally legit and super versatile.    I’m showing you how to create a pounce pattern,

A 600 Year Old Art Technique for Everyone2021-09-04T22:04:31+00:00

How to Create a Pounce Pattern

This traditional art technique will help you transfer a simple to very intricate design onto most any surface. Perfect for creating murals, faux finishing, and hand painted signs.

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Destinations Color Palettes

It’s Summer which would normally mean a fantastic vacation to a fabulous city full of culture and delicious art, food, and nightlife. But alas, I think most of us will have to stay closer to home. So I’ve created 6 fabulous new “DESTINATION” color palettes inspired by my favorite European cities. Hope you enjoy them.

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The Pink Owl Society – Mentorship

You’re a creative and inspired artist. I see you. You’re passionate about your work and pour your heart into your creations. I feel you. You want your art to be appreciated and seen. I hear you. Many artists struggle to find balance between their joyful creative side that is ever flowing and the mandatory business

The Pink Owl Society – Mentorship2021-05-03T21:22:34+00:00

Portfolio Review

I love being a free lance artist, working from home, on my own schedule, but… Without feedback, constructive criticism, and a good sounding board, it’s easy to lose motivation and feel as though you’re in a bubble, cut off from the outside world. Can you relate? Maybe you have those big creative dreams

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