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Planner 2023

Start 2023 off with an amazing start by setting your intentions and biggest dreams. Download

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Pinch me, I’m cruisin…

It's funny how things turn out.  Traveling has always been one of my loves - the desire to see new places and experience the world has always been strong with me.  It started in grade school when we were able to choose a state or country to do a project on.  I would always choose,

Pinch me, I’m cruisin…2022-12-04T21:20:01+00:00

To all the piggy lovers out there…You know who you are.

Just days ago, my hubby and I were on a cruise where I met so many lovely art collectors who happen to share my affinity for the adorable piggy.  Yes, actual pigs.  I LOVE THEM!!!  One of my paintings, which was being auctioned off, had 3 little piglets at the bottom and everyone seemed to

To all the piggy lovers out there…You know who you are.2022-11-23T16:43:19+00:00

Behind the Neon Scenes

Hi there! I wanted to share a little behind the scenes on my recent project.  I’m giving you allll the details that lead to the finished product above. That’s right: the good, the bad, and the absolutely drop dead you-can’t-miss-this gorgeous! It started with a phone call… “We’re looking for a company to create the

Behind the Neon Scenes2022-09-08T15:47:11+00:00

I Followed My Nose to the Birds and Blooms

Blooms!! I have no doubt you’ve heard me talk about my love of flowers and how much I miss them here in Vegas.  While roses are fairly prevalent, favorites like dahlias, peonies, ranunculus are pretty much non existent.  Sigh.  So I went against my better judgement and decided to purchase a few bulbs - peonies

I Followed My Nose to the Birds and Blooms2022-05-15T02:53:54+00:00

Happy In Business

Running your own creative business?  What makes you happy about what you do?  Let’s find out in this ‘Happy In Business’ worksheet. Download Worksheet

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Long Time Coming

I've been an artist a long time now.  It's been years since I first learned to oil paint on a Pasadena hill top in Peter Liashkov's class at Art Center.  Let me tell you, those first few paintings were really terrible.  They were from a live model and I really had no idea what I

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Pricing Webinar

As artists, one of the most difficult things we have to do is price our work, or work with a client to negotiate the fee that we want. It’s tricky and it can be frustrating, but you can 100% set yourself up for success and I’m going to show you how. Click to watch

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Planner Pages

Happy December Friends.  I have 4 New Pages for your Planner this month!!!  Appointments, I’m Amazing Because, ABC Problem Solving, and Daily Reflection

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