Solutions, Action steps, Accountability

Are you a little lost in the sea of possibility? Or maybe you have an idea but just aren’t sure how to get there. Believe me, you aren’t alone.  The last thing we want to do is abandon all those amazing ideas because you just can’t decide what to do next. Let’s spend an hour together and figure out a series of steps to simplify and streamline your journey.I’m a problem solver, especially when it comes to creative ideas and love to figure out how to make them a reality.

Maybe you’re prepping a portfolio, creating a new series, or just want a little accountability…Let’s make it happen!

How it works…
We start with a questionnaire that I send a few days before our call where you can tell me exactly what you’d like to discuss.  You can include any relevant links and/or images for me to review.  We’ll cover anything and everything we can in our 60 minutes together and I’ll put together a customized plan of action for you to follow.  AND…You’ll have access to me via messaging app to ask any additional questions or clarification for an additional day.

If you do not have a portfolio link, you can include your website, or instagram link.  You also have the option to email me jpegs of 10 -15 of your best works at low res to

Private Coaching

60 minute Private Coaching + 1 additional day of Voxer support


Private Coaching

1 call (60 minute) per month for 3 months + 3 additional days of Voxer support (voice messaging and text app) in between sessions where you can ask additional questions after each call or action plan


Portfolio Review

Portfolio reviews are 60 minute live zoom calls where we walk through your portfolio together and create an action list.