This month I’m mixing it up a bit.  My June Tutorial is on a stellar technique that’s been around since the 1400’s, probably earlier.  In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci used this technique on his Sistine Chapel ceiling so it’s totally legit and super versatile.   

I’m showing you how to create a pounce pattern, and how to use it.  What is that and why would you ever need to know how to do this?  Well let me tell you… :)

A pounce pattern is a template created and used to transfer your design onto another surface.  So, let’s say you’ve created a pattern design and you want to recreate it on a wall, or you want to paint your Childs name large over their crib, or your business name on your shop window…a pounce pattern is the perfect way to transfer your image exactly as you want it.  You can transfer a very simple design or something extremely intricate. And…it’s inexpensive, easy, and can work in almost any situation.  You really just need a few tools and your design.  

I’ve been creating murals and hand painted signs for a long time and drawing them by hand is painstaking.  And, if you’re working on-site, so really anywhere other then your home or studio, it can add hours to your work day getting your image drawn perfectly when you really want to be home creating something lovely while sipping chai tea and listening to Adele.  Just saying…. 

The alternative is projecting your image on to the surface. Totally valid technique I’ve used hundreds of times but you really need just the right set of circumstances for projection to be an option.  It has to be dark enough, you have to be able to position your projector square to the wall, and if you want a large image, you have to be pretty far away, which you may not have the space for.  Imagine trying to project in a narrow hallway, that’s a no-go.  

A pounce pattern really is the perfect option in most every situation.  Except…WIND.  Wind is pounce patterns enemy.  Lol.  I could tell you some stories about using a pounce pattern in the wind. Fun times.  NOT.

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I bet you can think of at least one example of how this technique may come in handy for you :). I’d love to see what you come up with. Message me with a pic, or tag me on Instagram @melaniesvl.