I’m sure you know a good amount about me already but I wanted to share some things that aren’t really common knowledge. Ok this is gonna be fun. Let’s see if I can get to 25 ;)

  1. I’ve never had a cavity. Nope, Never.
  2. I never sleep in. Latest is probably 7am.
  3. I have a huge collection of National Geographic starting from the early 1900’s through 2010. (though I haven’t unpacked them since moving to Vegas)
  4. I was part of a CPD Certified Course called Photoshop Top Secret. I had my own Tutorial DVD called “Creating a Fantasy Portrait in Photoshop
  5. I had my own Street Painting tutorial DVD that I created with a friend in Holland.
  6. I’m fascinated by cryptids. Ya know…Big Foot, Yeti, Loch Ness monster :)
  7. So, of course, I love supernatural books – vampires, werewolf, etc. Have any recommendations?
  8. Love animals, including insects, spiders. Everything except roaches. I hate roaches!!
  9. I have an irrational fear of sharks. Probably because I saw Jaws too young. lol.
  10. I love nature but wouldn’t be caught dead in a forest at night. Probably because of #6 but also because of the ax murderers.
  11. My nickname in grade school was ‘Giggles’, in high school was ‘Hercules’.
  12. I saw a big horn sheep murdered in a field when I was 6 or 7. Horrible.
  13. I’ve been a vegetarian over 20 years. Probably because of #12.
  14. If I could just keep redecorating my house, I would because it’s so much fun.
  15. I bought my first house when I was 25, all by myself. It was a a fixer upper and took a year of remodeling (with my parent’s help) before I could move in.
  16. My first car was an old VW beetle that my parents fixed up, it was teal with brand new white leather upholstery trimmed with teal details. It was pretty spectacular. But it was stolen out of our driveway before I had a chance to drive it. Never saw it again.
  17. I love driving a boom lift/scissor lift (for murals), operating power tools, and yes, I can drive a stick and change a tire.
  18. I HATE pickles, mayonaise, ketchup, mustard. Remmie likes to say I like food “no taste”.
  19. I didn’t drink coffee until after I met Remmie. Chai Tea!!!
  20. I get teary eyed at some point in each Harry Potter Movie and/or I hear the music, see any memorabilia or think about taking Luc to Harry Potter World in Orlando. LOL.
  21. When I was young I wanted to be a singer like Jessica Rabbit, red sequin dress and all. But alas, I’m too introverted for that.
  22. I like to have a dance party in our kitchen everyday at 5pm before we start dinner. The song? “Baby I’m worth it” by 5th Harmony.
  23. I’m am extremely loyal but once you do me wrong, we’re done.
  24. I dream of having an English Garden, (I guess Vegas isn’t the place for that :).
  25. My parents didn’t give me a middle name. It was going to be Ann but they changed their minds. So when I married Remmie and took his last name, ‘Van Latum’, and made ‘Stimmell’ my middle name. Melanie Stimmell Van Latum, no dash.

Phew! That’s 25 things about me. I’d love to learn something about you. Share a fun fact in the comments :)