Change is inevitable.  You’ve got a 50-50 chance that change will lead to something good/better.  You know the risks and weigh your options but you really never know until you take the leap.  After living in Los Angeles all my life, going to school, starting my career, meeting my husband and getting married, having our son, and starting a company together, it was time for us to mix things up a bit. So, we packed up and decided to move family and business out of LA.

6 months later, we’re settled here in fabulous Las Vegas. Why Vegas? I know, it seems crazy but it all just made sense. Remmie and I were married here after all, and it’s such a creative, opulent city with oodles of creative opportunities. Like i said, It made sense 🙂 Our new We Talk Chalk studio is just a mile from the Vegas strip. Which has been exciting and scary all at the same time. What happened out of the 32 second floor of Mandalay Bay was a huge and horrific shock.  Our hearts go out to those who were lost and to the countless families and friends affected by such tragedy.  In the aftermath, however, came a great outpouring of support and strength. Blood banks had lines a mile long the following day with people waiting to donate. Hospitals waved victims bills, fundraisers popped up all over Vegas, including a 411 Locals Chalk Contest that Jamie and I participated in. I won 1st place and Jaimie won 2nd – 411 donated $1000 in each of our names to the victim’s fund. Everywhere you look are #vegasstrong banners, t-shirts, and billboards. The barista’s even hand write #vegasstrong on your coffee cup before handing it over to you. All in all, we think this is a pretty amazing city. What’s to come? You never know. But hoping it’s as bright as the lights of Las Vegas Blvd.

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