Tightrope for Toyota

Most of the paintings I design via We Talk Chalk turn into hand painted 3D street paintings which are amazing and beautiful and super fun, and sometimes exhausting, to create!  But over the last few years, I’ve created several digital 3D paintings that I paint in photoshop and then have printed on vinyl via our […]

Water, water, everywhere!

Since my last post, I had the opportunity to expand the Shark painting at the Monte Carlo by creating a digital addition around the existing painting.  We wanted to make sure that people were drawn into the space to view and pose with the shark – really transform the space as a whole.  Monte Carlo’s […]

Trick-Eye Experience

New projects are always exciting and in all the time that I worked as a free lance artist my favorite projects were always the ones that required international travel.  Painting in a Country you’ve never visited before or one that you really love and experiencing the culture and peoples reaction to your work is an […]

Paper to Canvas

Since starting We Talk Chalk in 2012, I’ve designed almost every painting that we’ve produced.  On average we’ve been creating about 100 paintings per year with our incredible team.  So, I usually design 2-3 paintings a week. And considering I sketch 2-3 designs for the client to choose from, that’s over 300 sketches a year. lol…I […]

New Mural and Memories made

Since my last post in April, I held our first Montross Mural Studio workshop and created 7 new murals in the neighboring town of Colonial Beach! It’s been a long summer of street painting and murals but the workshop was a highlight So, the July Mural Workshop went really well and I had a great group of students. As […]

Fredericksburg Star

Robert Hedelt of the Fredericksburg Star has written several wonderful articles on the Murals we’ve created in Montross and now he’s promoted Montross Mural Studio!  I’ve pasted the article below but you can also follow the above link!  Thank you Robert! As one of the world’s premiere muralists and street painters, Melanie Stimmell Van Latum […]

Montross Mural Studio is my ‘YES’

When the idea of Montross Mural Studio popped into my head Remco and I had a vision of it growing into a place that would host students and artists from around the globe.  ‘Dream big’ right?  I certainly did not expect to have that be the case for our first workshop or even within the […]

Montross Mural Studio Scholarship

On April 1st we announced the Montross Mural Studio Scholarship winner!  The incredible recipient, Kayla Payne from Washington & Lee H.S. in Montross, VA, will join my week long Mural Workshop this July.  I’m so happy to have her…She is bright, talented, ambitious, and has some wonderful goals for her future as a creator. In […]

Alvin Ailey Day

Today was a really fun and creative day at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.  I am on their education roster for the Arts Teach program but also create several street paintings a year during their special events.  Today was one of them.  Alvin Ailey ‘Revelations Celebration’  in the Centers Plaza welcomed the Alvin Ailey American Dance […]

New Revitalization & Renovation!

It has been several weeks since announcing our new business, Montross Mural Studio (A division of We Talk Chalk), and a lot has happened.   Remco and I have purchased a property with an incredible workshop in Montross where we will host our Montross Mural Studio workshops.  After a little TLC, the house will be an incredible […]